Coconut Cream Icing

A simple recipe to give your cakes, bakes and puddings and extra topping! You can be versatile with the flavour as well to suit whatever you are making.


  • 200g creamed coconut (normally comes in a carton)
  • 5-6 tablespoons unsweetened plain yogurt of choice
  • 4-5 tablespoons maple syrup or alternative
  • Dash of milk of choice
  • any extra flavour you might want to add eg. vanilla, orange zest, almond essence…


  • Get your creamed coconut to a temperature so that it can be stirred and whisked. You may need to pop it in the microwave for 20 seconds or so. Or pop it in some warm water for a little bit until it’s softened (It should come in a plastic wrapper to enable you to do this. If not then put it in a glass and pop the glass in a bowl of warm water).
  • Once its soft enough to work with, pop it in a bowl and add the dash of milk – about a tablespoon should do.
  • Whisk together until the creamed coconut is completely broken up and combined with the milk.
  • Then add your yogurt a tablespoon at a time. Whisk until well combined. You are aiming for a soft creamy consistency, so keep an eye. You may not need to add as much yogurt or you may want to add a little more.
  • Finally, add your maple syrup and any flavouring and whisk again to combine.
  • Pipe or spread and enjoy!


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