Healthy Brownie Cake Pops

One thing that always tags along with Easter (for us anyway) is the good old rice crispie cake! When you have an abundance of chocolate eggs but can’t stomach eating them anymore so turn them in to chocolate nests. We have created another way you can use up those chocolate eggs using our healthy superfood brownie mix! BROWNIE CAKE POPS!

All you need for this is;

  • cake pop sticks
  • 1 of our brownie mixes
  • 350g peeled sweet potato
  • chocolate!! Put your Easter eggs to good use or make your own with coconut oil, cacao and maple
  • Whatever you want to decorate with 🙂 go crazy!

Just follow the instructions with your brownie mix. When spreading the mix in your baking tray, make sure you don’t spread it too thin as you need to make sure it can be secure on the stick. So aim for about an inch thick.

Cook the brownies as per instructions. Leave to cool and then choose your cutters! Cut out the shapes you want and gently insert the sticks. Make sure you do it straight/level and slowly as you don’t want to crack and break the brownie. If you get a couple of small cracks, don’t worry, just be careful when covering it with chocolate so it doesn’t break further and the chocolate will do the rest of the work. Save the extra bits of brownie that are left after cutting out your pops, you can cut them up in to small chunks and use them to top yogurt or ice cream!

Coat all of your brownie pops in chocolate and go to town on your decoration. Enjoy!

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