Brownie Bite Chocolates

You will have seen there are a good few recipes available that use our fab cookie mixes, so we have dedicated this one to our most senior mix. The mighty super food sweet potato brownies.

The mix is super simple and contains the same high quality and nutritious ingredients as our freshly made brownies! You can find out more about all of the goodness in them here, so for now we will let you in on a fab treat you can make in no time with this beauty of a mix.

Healthy, vegan, gluten free, wheat free and completely unrefined brownie bite chocolates! Or you can just skip the extra chocolate bit and use them to snack on or add to your pud…..or breakfast :D.

All you need to make these brownie chocolates is a bag of our superfood brownie mix, 325g of peeled sweet potato and then whatever you want to cover them with! You can make your own chocolate using cacao, coconut oil and maple syrup or just use ready made chocolate of your choice. Then have some fun with extras like chopped nuts, seeds or dried/ freeze dried fruit.

To make them, just follow the instructions with your mix. It will say to get the mixture to a spreadable consistency which you may need to add a little water to get to. For these you don’t want to go that far as you will need to roll them in to balls. So wait until you have mixed in all of the dry mix before adding any water. You still want the mixture to be like a paste, but one you can work with a bit easier.

To shape the balls, get a little bowl of water so you can put a bit of water on your hands between each ball. You don’t need to soak your hands, but a little will stop the mixture just sticking while you roll them. Then pop them carefully on a lined baking tray and bake on 160 (fan assisted) for 15-20 minutes depending on how big you have made them.

Let them cool then get creative!

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