Superfood Spotlight – Lucuma

When we have been to events with our products, we have been asked by quite a few people what Lucuma actually is. So, before we tell you why it’s pretty darn super, here is a bit of background on this special fruit!




Lucuma, full name Pouteria Lucuma, is a fruit grown in hotter climates, commonly found in Puru. The fruit can look similar to a large avocado with a green outer skin. It has orange flesh inside and this is what makes the lucuma powder that you find in our products. The fruit has been eaten for centuries for its great nutritional content and health properties. High in antioxidants and minerals, it is a great way to add extra nutrition in to your diet.

Today we know that the fruit contains a whole host of benefits both internally and externally! This fab little fruit has been found to promote skin regeneration and angiogenesis (the development of new blood vessels) and therefore may have potential for use in skin care and medicine. Pretty super for a fruit.

One study looking in to the use of fruits such as lucuma on infections of the reproductive tract, complications after childbirth, and reproductive problems, found evidence that support benefits of eating this fruit in relation to these problems.

So to quote an old phone advert, ‘the futures bright…the futures orange’.

Original un-Refined brownie

You’ll find lucuma in all of our superfood brownies!


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