Exciting times ahead

As you may have seen, we have our fabulous baking mix available to purchase online and this will be with us at all of our festivals later this year. That’s not all we have on the horizon though! As well as the baking mix for our superfood brownies, we will also have a full range of other baking mixes available! With a full revamp on our packaging too.

These, as always, do not contain any refined ingredients and contain a plethora of super food ingredients to make sure you are always getting extra nutrition and goodness in your snacks and treats! You will only ever need to add 1 or 2 ingredients that you would likely have anyway. There will be an exquisite range of products that you can bake yourself. From cookies and granola bars to protein bites, you’ll be spoilt for choice. So whatever you fancy, there is going to be an un-Refined mix for you!

We are jumping with excitement about this!

We are jumping with excitement about this!

The beauty of our mixes is how versatile they are (you’ll see how great they are soon). You can add your own extras and flavours to make something that you will never get bored of. Plus you can keep them in the cupboard and bake them whenever you feel like it. No having to go out and grab ingredients anymore!

Watch out for updates on when they will be released. You can come and see us at markets to be in with a chance to win a tester sample in the hamper we will be raffling off at every event. Our closest event is the Welsh vegan festival in Cardiff, so if you can come and see us, grab a raffle ticket and try some guilt free products.

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