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Our beautiful online shop has been launched, finally! That said, we are all about honesty here so we won’t lie to you and pretend it was all a breeze. Many of the problems we encountered were mainly due to our ethos and aims! Ridiculous as it may seem, being concerned about the wider issues like the environment and food waste actually made it more difficult. But we were determined!

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We know we have one world and we need to look after it, since it looks after us! We try and impact the environment as little as possible with our endeavours, so use as much biodegradable, recycled, recyclable, compostable (etc etc) material as we can. It seems that this is not the common approach with many others businesses. Sourcing products that are both eco-friendly and a realistic packaging option was a real task. We did not want to compromise on our environmental stance, the protection of the product or our customers’ best interests. This made it a laborious process deciding how to package our wonderful little brownies.

In the end, we took the same approach as always…. creativity! Using various suppliers to source the most eco-friendly options, we put it all together ourselves in a way we think impacts the environment the least and still keeps your brownies safe and sound on their journey to you.

We wanted to ensure that when you receive your box of joy, it is in the same condition as when it left us. So we searched high and low (there were some serious low points!) to find a courier that would not risk putting your delicate parcel in with a 50kg car part! Eventually we found what we wanted! Of course everything comes at a price, but to ensure that your treats get to you within 24 hours of collection on a dedicated fragile service, it’s worth it.


As well as the environment, food waste is a big concern. Tonnes of perfectly good produce is being wasted every day. This is both a travesty to the planet and to the hard working people who farm it and produce it! But it is also an insult to those who cannot afford the luxury of food waste. To the people who do not have adequate food and would probably not even comprehend the term ‘wonky veg’, which in our opinion is being marketed as more of a shopping trend than an attempt to actually help solve the problem of food waste!

Following a laborious process trying to contact different sources regarding their food waste, we were met with the same response! After being passed around like a hot potato (pardon the potato link) between numerous departments, contacts and emails, it was a case of they aren’t able to have that kind of relationship. So despite all of the focus on food waste and its importance in the media recently, it is impossible to get anywhere with actually trying to make an impact! That said, on a few occasions I was told that the stores were working with charities to donate the food. So at least some stores are jumping on the band wagon and doing something worth while!


Of course, as you can by whats in our products, health is a huge focus for us! We think that our bodies are incredible, so don’t put rubbish in them! We don’t use any refined ingredients, so each individual part of our products gives you nutrition. Even though we believe you should focus on being healthy, that doesn’t mean deprive yourself either! So that’s where we come in (you’re welcome). An un-Refined brownie is something you can have as a treat without breaking your diet, fitness goals or just consistent healthy eating. You don’t have to feel guilty after a treat when you know its full of goodness. And lets be honest, as we always are, its base is sweet potato…a vegetable. We only use wholesome ingredients, the bulk of which are organic, and add superfoods to boost nutrition and taste to create something that we eat ourselves on a daily basis and love!


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