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Here at un-Refined®, we only use unrefined natural ingredients to make naturally wholesome treats. You can eat them knowing exactly what’s in them, and that they’re good for you! We don’t use any refined sugars or flours and create products where every single ingredient has nutrition in it. We use maple syrup to sweeten things up alongside fruit, veg, wholesome flours and superfoods!


We are passionate about health, the environment as well as important issues like proper nutrition and food waste.  

We are un-Refined®.

Get your New Year started with un-Refined®! All of our products are perfect to fit in to a healthy and balanced diet and are a real treat for you as well. Win Win!



We only use natural ingredients, no preservatives, additives or man made nasties.


We don’t use any refined sugars of flours and make sure every ingredient counts to making your tasty treat good for you.

Hand made with love

We make all our delicious treats by hand so they are all made with love and care.

Eco-friendly packaging

All of our packaging is either recyclable or compostable, from the box down to the wrap and label.

vegan, gluten and wheat free

All of our delicious treats are vegan, gluten and wheat free, so you can enjoy them worry free.

Next Day Delivery

We get your delicious treats to you with our next day courier so they are as fresh as can be!*

un-Refined® Brownie Range


un-Refined Brownie:
The PB

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un-Refined Brownie:
The PB

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un-Refined Brownie:
The Dark Horse

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Some of our key ingredients

Fruit & Veg

We use fresh fruit and veg in lots of our products to boost nutrition and taste… naturally.

Nuts & Seeds

We love using nuts and seeds to add plenty of protein and fibre for a satisfying treat.

un-Refined Sugars & Flours

Wholesome flours and natural sugars like maple syrup provide nutritious alternatives.


We love packing in goodness, so use ingredients brimming with nutrients, like cacao and lucuma.

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